It is the nature of this project to be incomplete and totally dependent on submissions received. If you feel some place is missing, please submit it. This project is open to all and is constantly evolving.

The paintings were inspired by a wide variety of sources, including images that were provided to me without attribution. Wherever possible, I have tried to use open source materials. Where copyrighted photographs were used, I have tried to inform copyright holders and provide credit.

I am in no way an authority on any of these sites. Information was sourced from participants or whatever I could find on the internet, primarily Wikipedia, so I can’t vouch for accuracy. Dates on the paintings are of when the site ceased to exist in some manner. If you find a mistake, please let me know.

You can search the project using name, place or category, or you can scroll through all 300+ paintings in alphabetical order by site name.

Please click on images for information about each site and quotes from participants.