Wembley Stadium

Wembley Park, London, England, UK

Demolished in 2002

The Disappointed Tourist: Wembley Stadium, Ellen Harvey, 2021. Oil and acrylic on Gessoboard, 18 x 24″ (46 x 61 cm). Photograph: Etienne Frossard.

According to Pele, this was the Cathedral of Football. Anon.

The first Wembley Stadium (originally known as the Empire Stadium) opened in 1923 as part of the British Empire Exhibition. The stadium’s distinctive twin towers became its trademark and nickname. It was known for hosting important football matches and also hosted many other sports events, including the 1948 Summer Olympics and numerous music events, including the 1985 Live Aid charity concert. The stadium closed in October 2000 and was demolished to make way for the new stadium. The top of one of the twin towers was erected as a memorial in the park on the north side of Overton Close in the Saint Raphael’s Estate. The painting is based on an old black-and-white photograph from Getty images.