Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York, USA

Burned 1911


New York, New York, USA

Closed 2008

Idora Park

Oakland, California, USA Demolished 1929 Idora Park was an amusement park constructed by The Realty Syndicate in 1904 in Ayala Park and leased by the Ingersoll Pleasure and Amusement Park Co. In addition to several roller coasters, the park also had a zoo, an ostrich farm, animal shows, a dance hall, a racetrack, an outdoor amphitheater, […]

Kim’s Video

New York, New York, USA Closed 2014 Kim’s Video and Music were a group of video and music retail stores in and around New York City, known for their esoteric titles and knowledgeable if haughty staff. The owner, Yongman Kim, opened the first location inside his laundromat at 85 Avenue A. There was a second store at […]

Mars Bar

New York, New York, USA

Closed 2011