Kim’s Video

New York, New York, USA

Closed 2014

The Disappointed Tourist: Kim’s Video, Ellen Harvey, 2021. Oil and acrylic on Gessoboard, 18 x 24″ (46 x 61 cm). Photograph: Etienne Frossard.

Kim’s Video and Music were a group of video and music retail stores in and around New York City, known for their esoteric titles and knowledgeable if haughty staff. The owner, Yongman Kim, opened the first location inside his laundromat at 85 Avenue A. There was a second store at 133 Second Avenue, which was followed by Kim’s West, Kim’s Underground and Mondo Kim (pictured), all in the East Village, a Kim’s Mediapolis in Morningside Height, a Kim’s Video in the West Village and another in Jersey City. The original Kim’s on Avenue A closed in 2004 and Mondo Kim was raided by the police in 2005, allegedly for selling bootleg videos. In 2008, Kim announced he would be closing Mondo Kim’s and giving away the film collection to anyone who would keep his collection intact and allow access to Kim’s customers. A successful bid for the collection was made by the Italian village of Salemi but the whereabouts of the collection are unknown although rumors have it that it is currently located in Margate, UK. The last remaining location of Kim’s Video & Music closed in 2014. The painting is based on an uncredited photograph.

 My DVD movie bookshelf was purchased there! Anon.