The Cotton Patch

Eutaw, Alabama, USA

Closed 2008

The Cotton Patch was an iconic Greene County restaurant known for fried chicken, watermelon rind pickles and whiskey bottles wrapped in brown paper bags as well as for its log-cabin architecture and massive stone fireplace. The restaurant opened in 1937 and was a favorite destination for University of Alabama students. Bradley Brown, who bought it in 1972, rebuilt the restaurant on its current site in 1977 after the original building north of Eutaw burned in 1975. In 1996 it was purchased by Jerry Baggett who sold the building and its 38-acre site in 2008 to Richard Graham who closed the restaurant and logged the grounds.

My aunt Ruth Neilan and her friend owned/ operated The Cotton Patch Restaurant for years until she came home to PA and opened her restaurant The Briar Patch in a 100 year old log cabin. We just had the memorial service for her last remaining siblings and we’re talking about both restaurants. My sister and cousin spent a summer in Alabama working in the restaurant. Thanks for the memories. Mary S.

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