Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York, USA

Burned 1911


New York, New York, USA

Closed 2008

Kim’s Video

New York, New York, USA Closed 2014 Kim’s Video and Music were a group of video and music retail stores in and around New York City, known for their esoteric titles and knowledgeable if haughty staff. The owner, Yongman Kim, opened the first location inside his laundromat at 85 Avenue A. There was a second store at […]

Mars Bar

New York, New York, USA

Closed 2011

Tic Tac Toe Chicken

Chinatown, New York, New York, USA Retired 2002 As a connoisseur of cheap entertainments, I was drawn to the forlorn chicken in its box because, while it was also supposed to seem somehow mechanical among the other mechanical games, really it was a holdover from Medieval Fairgrounds, a chicken Mechanical Turk. And it reminded me […]