Vienna, Austria

Demolished 1955

The Disappointed Tourist: Ostbahnhof, Ellen Harvey, 2021. Oil and acrylic on Gessoboard, 18 x 24″ (46 x 61 cm). Photograph: Etienne Frossard.

Requested by Anon.

The Ostbahnhof (Eastern Railway Station) was built between 1867 and 1870 in conjunction with the privatization of the southeastern and northern railway lines. Until 1914, it was known as the Staatsbahnhof (the State Railway Station). The station was located in the Ghegaplatz and designed by Carl Schumann in the style of French railway architecture of the time. The station was decorated with statues by Franz Melnitzky representing the cities of Vienna, Budapest, Prague and Brno, along with allegorical figures of Art, Knowledge, Commerce and Industry. The station was nationalized in 1909. Although the station was not heavily damaged by World War II, the decision was taken to combine it with the neighboring Südbahnhof (Southern Railway Station) and the building was replaced by a new Südbahnhof in 1955. This new station was in turn demolished in 2009 and replaced by the new Hauptbahnhof (Main Railway Station) located in the Südtiroler Platz. The site of the old station is now occupied by an office of the Ersten Bank.